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Renting Apartments

Here at NYC Safe Haven Homes we have partnered with building managements, landlords, private homeowners in addition to various NYC agencies who rent studio, 1,2, & 3-bedroom apartments to our organization. Which allows NYC Safe Have to offer individuals without a place to live long-term supportive housing.

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We Believe

It is essential to provide vulnerable people with long-term housing. As it is the fundamental right of residents to remain in their apartments for as long as they like without having to worry about being homeless once more.

Fostering Community

Fostering Community

In addition to assisting tenants with their individual recovery, we foster community growth by bringing people together and working in tandem with building management and landlords.

Helping Those in Need

Helping Those In Need

The majority of those applicants who are referred to us have experienced hardship. Some have been sick, traumatized from past events, or have been chronically homeless (that is, have never had a roof over their heads). For many individuals to get back on track, assistance is therefore necessary.


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To ensure that all residents of our region, irrespective of their financial standing, have excellent housing options and opportunities to realize their own potential.


NYC Safe Haven Homes, LLC provides high-quality, affordable homes that transform communities and change lives.


To invest in catalytic community building and to exercise influence over legislators who have the power to alter systems to accomplish this goal.


Finding a home can be difficult for vulnerable people for a number of reasons, including discrimination, a lack of options for affordable housing, restricted access to resources, and a lack of supporting services.

Providing Suitable Housing

Those with disabilities, immigrants, the elderly, veterans, jobless persons, and those living on low wages are some examples of vulnerable groups. Locating suitable homes for these individuals is a difficult undertaking.

It takes more

It takes more than just creating a vibrant community, giving individuals and families long-term supportive housing, and having the proper partners to make it happen. It also has to do with the actual building.

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